Selecting and working with objects on a layout
An object is a discrete element: a field, a text block, a graphic object (such as an oval or imported picture), a button, a portal (for displaying rows of related records), a panel control (for grouping objects together in tab panels or slide panels), a popover button and a popover (for grouping fields and other objects), a chart, or a web viewer. You can select, move, resize, delete, copy, format, name, and change an object once you have created it.
For information on creating objects, see Adding fields to a layout, Drawing and inserting objects on a layout, Using buttons with scripts, Adding a tab control, Creating charts from data, and Adding a web viewer.
Topics in this section
Selecting objects
Using the Inspector to format objects
Copying, duplicating, and deleting objects
Moving objects on a layout
Resizing and reshaping objects
Setting auto-resize options for layout objects
Specifying the display state for an object
Formatting graphics on a layout
Protecting objects from change
Naming objects
Defining conditional formatting for layout objects