Starting Admin Console

Note  To use Admin Console, your remote computer needs a supported web browser; no additional runtime environments or browser plug-ins are required. See Requirements for Admin Console.

To start Admin Console:

  1. Open a web browser and enter:


    where [host] is the IP address or host name of the machine running FileMaker Server as a primary. This is the address you noted when you installed FileMaker Server.

  2. Before the Admin Console Sign In page opens, your web browser may require you to respond to a security message. This is normal behavior for the default SSL certificate that is included with FileMaker Server. Click the option to continue to go to the Sign In page.

    To prevent this message in the future, see Requesting an SSL certificate.

    Tip  Bookmark the Sign In page in your web browser. Come back to this page to sign in to Admin Console or to open FileMaker Server Help.

  3. On the Admin Console Sign In page, enter your user name and password, then click Sign In. Admin Console starts and displays the Dashboard page.

    Note  If you want to change the default user name and password, see Changing user credentials.

  4. On the Administration > Administrator tab, change the Admin Console account user name and password. If your web browser prompts you to save your user name and password, decline unless you are sure that access to your web browser is secure.

    For details, see FileMaker Server Help.

Alternative ways to start Admin Console

You can start Admin Console directly using the following:

To access Admin Console from

Go to

Any computer with network access to the primary machine


where [host] is the IP address of the server.

Note  Starting with FileMaker Server 19.4.1, Admin Console is no longer accessible over 16000 and is now accessible over 443 using the web address https://[host]:443/admin-console.

primary machine only

From a Claris FileMaker Server Admin Console shortcut: Double-click Claris FileMaker Server Admin Console on the desktop.