Executing SQL to interact with data sources via ODBC

In addition to importing data into a FileMaker Pro database file via ODBC, you can also interact with data sources (such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle) using SQL statements through the Execute SQL script step. You can use any SQL statement supported by the data source, such as INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.

You can also use SQL statements that go beyond simply importing data into a FileMaker Pro database file. For example, you could execute SQL statements that add records to a database table in SQL Server, using information from a FileMaker Pro database file.

To execute SQL statements against a data source via ODBC:

  1. Choose Scripts menu > Script Workspace.
  2. Click New script button.
  3. Add the Execute SQL script step to the script.

    Execute SQL is in the Miscellaneous category in the script steps pane.

  4. In the script editing pane, click Action menu button, then click Specify.
  5. For ODBC Data Source, click Specify.
  6. Select your data source and click Continue.

    You may be asked for a user name and password.

  7. For Specify SQL statement using, choose Calculated SQL text or SQL text, then enter your SQL statement.

    See your data source documentation for a listing of supported SQL statements and their syntax.