Publishing databases with FileMaker WebDirect

With FileMaker Pro, you can design layouts to share with users in FileMaker WebDirect, allowing them to find, browse, and modify data in a web browser.

  • Use FileMaker WebDirect to quickly and easily publish the layouts you design in FileMaker Pro as webpages. Create layouts for FileMaker Pro users and web users with the same design tools.
  • Automate simple tasks such as finding records, or automate more complex tasks using script steps that are compatible with FileMaker WebDirect. See Automating tasks with scripts.
  • Use accounts and privilege sets to control the security of your custom app. See Managing security.

FileMaker WebDirect is available to databases hosted by FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud products, which includes all the software you need to publish layouts from your database as webpages within a local network or intranet. With an internet connection (typically provided through an internet service provider) and an IP address, you can publish to internet users on the World Wide Web.

To publish databases on the web:

  1. Open the database files in FileMaker Pro.
  2. Choose File menu > Sharing > Configure for FileMaker WebDirect to open the FileMaker WebDirect Settings dialog box.
  3. Select the filename to publish on the web from the list of open files.
  4. Choose which users can access the file:
  5. Choose


    All users

    Provide access to anyone who has the IP address or domain name of the server hosting the database.

    Specify users by privilege set

    Allow select users access to the FileMaker WebDirect custom app.

    Users may be asked to enter their account name and password for account access defined in the Manage Security dialog box, depending on the settings in the File Options dialog box. See Setting file options.

    No users

    Prevent any user from accessing the FileMaker WebDirect custom app.

  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each database you want to publish.
  7. Click OK or choose additional settings.
  8. Upload the database files to FileMaker Server or a FileMaker Cloud product. See Uploading files to a FileMaker host.


  • Web users can open custom apps without specifying a password if you set up the Guest account for web access. In FileMaker Pro, enable the Guest account and assign it a privilege set that has the Access via FileMaker WebDirect extended privilege. See About the Admin and Guest accounts for information on enabling the Guest account for FileMaker WebDirect.
  • To suppress a filename from appearing as a file that users can open with FileMaker WebDirect, select Don’t display in host’s file list in the FileMaker WebDirect Settings dialog box. This option is a good choice for files that must be open but should not be accessed directly by users. These files may include related databases, files with external scripts, and files that are used to generate a value list.
  • For detailed information about FileMaker WebDirect (including information on accessing published custom apps in a web browser and working with container fields), see FileMaker WebDirect Guide.