Managing scripts using folders

  1. Choose Scripts menu > Script Workspace. Or, choose File menu > Manage > Scripts.
  2. In the scripts pane, perform the tasks you want.
  3. To

    Do this

    Create a new script folder

    In the scripts pane, select the script name or folder that will appear above the new folder. Click New folder button, or choose File menu > New Folder (Windows) or Scripts menu > New Folder (macOS).

    The new folder appears in the scripts pane at the current position and in the Scripts menu as a submenu.

    Rename a folder

    Right-click the folder to rename, then choose Rename. Type a new name, and press Enter or Return.

    Duplicate a folder and all its scripts

    Right-click the folder, then choose Duplicate.

    Delete a folder and all its scripts

    Right-click the folder, then choose Delete.

    Copy and paste a folder to another file

    See Copying and pasting scripts.

    Expand or collapse a folder

    Do one of the following:

    • Click the arrow to the left of the folder name.
    • Select the folder and press Right Arrow or Left Arrow.
    • Double-click the folder.

    Note  To expand or collapse all folders, Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command-click (macOS) the arrow to the left of a folder name.

    Move a script into a folder

    Expand the folder (see above). Click the script name, and drag it under or onto the expanded folder. The script also appears in the folder's submenu in the Scripts menu.

    Filter the list of scripts by name

    In the search box in the scripts pane, type all or part of the script name.

    Edit multiple scripts at the same time

    In the scripts pane, double-click each script to edit. In the script editing pane, a separate tab opens for each script.

  4. To include the folder in the Scripts menu, select the checkbox next to the folder, or right-click the folder and select Include in Scripts Menu.

    To display checkboxes to the left of script names and folders in the scripts pane, click Manage Scripts menu button.

    Note  Selecting the checkbox only includes the folder itself, not its descendant scripts. Select the checkbox next to each descendant script you want listed in the submenu.