Copying and pasting scripts

  1. In the Script Workspace, select the script, script folder, or script step to copy, then choose Edit menu > Copy.
  2. Open the file that you want to paste the item into, then open the Script Workspace. If you are pasting a script step, open the script into which you want to paste the item.
  3. Select the script, folder, or script step that will appear above the item, then choose Edit menu > Paste.

    If there are problems with a pasted script, the script is displayed in a new tab and the known problem steps are highlighted. To view any additional problems or errors, click Open Log File.


  • Pasted objects do not retain privileges. You must redefine privilege sets in the destination file.
  • If you copy multiple scripts, folders, or script steps that reference each other, copy them in one step to retain the references. If you copy them one at a time, the references may be lost. Check all references after pasting to ensure they are valid.
  • For scripts and folders, you must have write access privileges to the source script or folder, and privileges to create scripts and folders in the destination file. For script steps, you must have write access to the source and destination scripts.
  • When you copy scripts, folders, or script steps, breakpoints (or pauses) are not copied. However, when you duplicate scripts, folders, or script steps, breakpoints are retained.