Editing FileMaker data sources

A FileMaker data source stores the file paths that FileMaker Pro searches to access a table, script, or value list in another FileMaker Pro file.

To add a FileMaker data source, see Connecting to external data sources.

To edit a FileMaker data source:

  1. Choose File menu > Manage > External Data Sources.

  2. Select the FileMaker data source in the list and click Edit.

  3. You can change the name of the data source, edit the file path, or add another file to the file path list.

    File paths can be edited as text. Each FileMaker data source can consist of one or more file paths, separated by carriage returns. See Creating file paths.


  • In many dialog boxes, you have the option of choosing existing data sources or creating new data sources as needed. For example, in the Edit Value List dialog box, you can specify a data source reference to another FileMaker Pro file that contains a value list that you want to access.

  • You must re-specify the data source references for related files and files with external scripts if you add or remove filename extensions.

  • Use the following characters as separators in a file path list: "/", ":", or carriage return.

  • Do not use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard character in network file paths, as it slows FileMaker Network traffic. When possible, replace an asterisk with the appropriate IP address.

  • Variables are supported in FileMaker data source references. Set the variable before anything that uses the reference is accessed. Once the reference has been resolved, it will not change if the variable is changed.

  • Data source references are only to other FileMaker Pro files or to ODBC DSNs. References to other files such as graphics are file paths.