Create a Script for this Report (New Layout/Report assistant)

In this panel of the New Layout/Report assistant, you can automate your report by creating a script for it.

To create a script to rerun this report:

  1. Select Create a script.
  2. Type a script name to appear in the Scripts menu, or keep the default name.
  3. Optionally, select Run script automatically to display an up-to-date report each time you open this layout.


  • If your layout contains summary data but it doesn't appear in the report when you run the script, you might need to switch to List View or Table View.
  • When you create a script, FileMaker Pro includes default steps, which you can modify after you finish the assistant.
  • If you want to include only a certain subset of the records in the database when you run this report, you can edit the script to include a Perform Find script step after you finish the assistant.