Submitting a new host name (FileMaker Cloud)

Note  The following information is for FileMaker Cloud team managers.

When you created your team, you submitted a host name for approval. If the host name wasn’t approved, you receive a notification to go to the Hosts page and submit a new name. You can submit a new name only if the previous submission wasn’t approved.

To submit a new host name:

  1. On the Hosts page, click Submit a different host name.
  2. Enter the new host name.
  3. Host names can’t exceed 36 characters.

    Use a unique name that doesn’t include any third-party trademarks or, for example, the name of an established product, company, or website.

  4. Click Save.

It may take up to one hour for your host name to be approved. If the new name is not approved, repeat these steps.