Specifying formats for date fields
You can control how FileMaker Pro displays the values in date fields and calculation fields with date results.
To specify formats for date fields:
In Layout mode, select one or more date fields or calculation fields with a date result.
For more information, see Selecting objects.
Click Inspector Inspector button in the layout bar, then click Data.
In the Data Formatting area, click Date Date button, then select the formats you want to use from the Format list.
For Format, select As entered.
For Format, select a format.
To change the separator between parts of a numeric date, for Numeric separator, type another character.
For Format, select Custom and choose options and separator characters for day of week, month, day of month, and year.
In the Leading character area, choose <None>, Zero, Space for For day numbers, For month numbers, or both. (This option is not available if you've chosen As entered.)
In the Japanese area, for Numeral type, choose a display type.
For Format, select Short System Date (for example, 11/11/2014) or Long System Date (for example, Tuesday, November 11, 2014).
Important  No matter how you format a date field in Layout mode, whenever you click or tab into the field in Browse mode, FileMaker Pro displays the date with a four-digit year. FileMaker recommends that you always enter dates with four-digit years. If you enter dates with two-digit years, they are converted to four-digit year dates as described in Conversion of dates with two-digit years.
When As entered is selected, FileMaker Pro will display dates with four-digit years, even if you originally entered the dates with two-digit years. Use the Custom option or one of the two-digit year options on the Format list described above to display dates with two-digit years.
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