Specifying formats for time fields
You can control how FileMaker Pro displays time values in fields.
To specify formats for time fields:
In Layout mode, select one or more time fields or calculation fields with a time result.
For more information, see Selecting objects.
Click Inspector Inspector button in the layout bar, then click Data.
In the Data Formatting area, click Time Time button, then select the formats you want to use from the Format list.
For Format, select As entered.
For Format, select a format from the list. Then specify one or more of the following format options:
a different value for Separator (such as a period or a space) or Kanji format if you’re using a font that contains Japanese characters.
For Leading character, choose options for For hours, For minutes/seconds, or both. (This option is not available if you've selected As entered.)
In the Japanese area, choose a Numeral type.
Use the Appearance tab of the Inspector to choose text attributes. See Specifying text formats for fields.
For Format, select Short System Time (for example, 8:23 AM) or Long System Time (for example, 8:23:54 AM).
You’re finished unless the time format you chose displays seconds. If you want to format the seconds component to display fractional seconds, continue with the next step.
Click Data, then click Number Number button in the Data Formatting area.
Only two options affect the display of the seconds component: Fixed number of decimals and Decimal separator. The remaining options have no effect. See Specifying formats for fields containing numbers.