Using buttons with scripts
You can use a button to perform a FileMaker Pro command or a script. For example, you could define a button that simply switches to another layout, by using the Go to Layout script step. Or you could define a button that performs a more complex script that finds, sorts, and prints records, or one that transfers information from one FileMaker Pro file to another.
In Browse mode or in Find mode, you can click a button to perform its command or script. You can also include buttons in a layout’s tab order, which allows you to tab to a button and “click” it by pressing the Space bar. See Setting the tab order for data entry.
You can turn many FileMaker objects into buttons. You can copy an existing button, or use text and graphics to design your own button.
Note  Another type of button that you can create is a popover button, which displays a popover. See Working with popovers on layouts.
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