Inserting graphics onto a layout
You can add graphics anywhere on a layout to enhance its appearance. For example, you can add a company logo at the top of an invoice layout.
For a list of supported image formats, see Using data in container fields.
Note  You can also fill a layout object, part, or background with an image, and then set additional formatting attributes for the image. See Filling objects, layout parts, or the layout background with an image.
To insert a graphic onto a layout:
In Layout mode, choose Insert menu > Picture.
In the dialog box, for Files of type (Windows) or Show (OS X), choose a graphic file type.
To reference the file from disk, select Store only a reference to the file.
When you select Store only a reference to the file, FileMaker Pro doesn't import the graphic file; instead it only keeps track of where it is on your hard disk. This option may reduce the size of your FileMaker Pro file, but if you move or delete the graphic file, FileMaker Pro won't be able to display it.
Select the file and click Open, or double-click the filename.
The graphic appears in the document.
See Selecting and working with objects on a layout.