Drawing lines and other shapes
Use the layout tools in the status toolbar to draw lines, rectangles, rounded rectangles, and ovals. You can create squares, circles, or horizontal/vertical lines by holding down the a modifier key on the keyboard as you create objects.
To create a line, rectangle, rounded rectangle, or oval:
In Layout mode, click the Line tool Line tool, Rectangle tool Rectangle tool, Rounded Rectangle tool Rounded Rectangle tool, or Oval tool Oval tool.
See Working with the layout tools.
To create an object that is constrained to a certain angle or shape, do one of the following:
FileMaker Pro draws the object with the theme’s default line style and fill. You can change these attributes after you draw the object. See Selecting and working with objects on a layout.
To create a dotted or dashed line or border, see Setting the fill, line style, and borders for objects, layout parts, and the layout background.
To create a line, rectangle, rounded rectangle, or oval, you can also choose Insert menu > Graphic Object, and then choose the appropriate option from the submenu that appears.
Note  You also set a preference to always lock a tool when you select it. See Setting layout preferences.)