Working with panel controls on layouts
Use panel controls to simplify entering and viewing data. Panel controls are layout objects that allow you to group objects on tab panels or slide panels on a layout.
You can use a panel control instead of several layouts, or to help organize one layout with many fields. For example, customer information from several tables can be grouped into a tab control, with tab panels for categories such as personal contact information, business contact information, and purchasing information for different products.
To move between tab panels in FileMaker Pro, click the tabs at the top of a tab control. In FileMaker Go, tap the tabs to move between tab panels.
To move through slide panels in FileMaker Pro, click the dots at the bottom of a slide control. In FileMaker Go, swipe panels using one finger or tap to the left or right of the dots. (Moving through slide panels by swiping is supported in FileMaker Go only.)
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