Inserting graphics into container fields
You can add a graphic (or image) to a container field by inserting it, using drag and drop, or pasting the graphic from the Clipboard.
For a list of supported image formats, see Using data in container fields. Some supported image formats require QuickTime technology, which is installed by default as a component of OS X. To install QuickTime in Windows, refer to the instructions and system requirements on the QuickTime website,
To insert a graphic:
In Browse mode, click the container field.
When you select a rotated field in Browse mode, the field is temporarily displayed unrotated while the field is selected.
Choose Insert menu > Picture.
Choose a graphic file type for Files of type (Windows) or Show (OS X).
If you select Store only a reference to the file, FileMaker Pro doesn't import the graphic file; it only keeps track of where it is on your hard disk. This option may reduce the size of your FileMaker Pro file, but if you move or delete the file, FileMaker Pro won't be able to display it.
If you select Store only a reference to the file, one way to see the location of the file on your hard disk is to create a calculation using the GetAsText function.
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