Installing FileMaker Server on a single machine (Linux)

This section describes how to install FileMaker Server from the Linux command line interface (CLI). For information on assisted installation, see FileMaker Server Network Install Setup Guide.

FileMaker Server for Linux is available only as an electronic download. It includes product software and a link to an electronic license certificate needed for installation.

The following packages are required for Linux:

  • wget: Retrieves the FileMaker Server for Linux installer from the web

  • unzip: Unzips the FileMaker Server for Linux software package

  • The furigana option for fields and the Furigana function require the use of third-party tools such as Kakasi.

Before you install, confirm that your machine meets the minimum requirements. See the FileMaker Server system requirements.

Step 1. Ensure the Linux packages are available

Update the Linux repository and make the dependent Linux packages available. Enter the command:

sudo apt update

Step 2. Install the Linux packages

Install the required Linux packages using the following CLI commands in the order shown.

  • sudo apt install wget

  • sudo apt install unzip

Step 3. Upgrade Linux

Upgrade Linux internal libraries with the latest security and third-party software updates. Enter the command:

sudo apt upgrade

Step 4. Download FileMaker Server

Download and unzip the FileMaker Server for Linux installer package.

Choose the FileMaker Server package for the installed version of Ubuntu.

  1. Create a new directory to download the installer. Enter the command:

    mkdir fminstaller

  2. Change to the installer directory. Enter the command:

    cd fminstaller

  3. Download the FileMaker Server for Linux installer using the download link provided on the software download page. The link to the software download page can be found in a received email message. Enter the command:

    wget [url]

    where [url] is the download link from the email message.

  4. Unzip the FileMaker Server for Linux installer package file. Enter the command:

    unzip [installer]

    where [installer] is the name of the installer package.

Step 5. Install FileMaker Server

  1. Identify the name of the FileMaker Server for Linux installer. Enter the command:

    ls filemaker*.deb

  2. Run the FileMaker Server for Linux installer. Enter the command:

    sudo apt install ./[name]

    where [name] is the FileMaker Server for Linux installer name.

  3. When prompted:

    • Accept the FileMaker Server license agreement. Enter the command: Y

    • Select the installation type. Enter the command: 0

    • Create a user name and password for Admin Console, and a 4-digit PIN used to reset the password when necessary.

  4. To verify the installation, check that the FileMaker Server processes and the Apache server or Nginx server are running. Enter the commands:

    • ps -A | grep fm

    • ps -A | grep apache

    • ps -A | grep nginx

If the web server and FileMaker Server processes are running, the installation is complete.