Installation notes

  • For information on the versions of supporting software that are required, see the FileMaker Server system requirements.

  • Windows: You can install FileMaker Server in a non-default location including a non-boot volume, but not on remote network drives or external removable drives. You cannot install FileMaker Server to a Windows Desktop path—for example, [drive]:\Users\[user]\Desktop.

    The path you specify replaces the beginning of the default installation path, \Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server. For example, if you specify the My_Path installation folder, the Databases, Scripts, and Extensions folders are installed as follows:

    • \My_Path\Data\Databases

    • \My_Path\Data\Secure

    • \My_Path\Data\Scripts

    • \My_Path\Database Server\Extensions

    The path you specify must consist of ASCII characters only.

  • macOS: Do not install FileMaker Server on a target volume that is formatted as a Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Case-Sensitive) volume. This format is not supported. Format the volume as Mac OS Extended or Mac OS Extended (Journaled) instead.

  • During installation, if you specify a FileMaker Server user account other than the default, the specified account must meet the following requirements:

    • Windows: The account must be either a local user account or a Windows domain account. The account must have the same privileges as the Windows system account for local file access.

    • macOS: The account must be a local user account in macOS and have the same permissions as the fmserver account for local file access (including membership in the daemon group). The account must not be from a directory service (for example, Active Directory or Open Directory).

  • If you set up additional database or container data folders on remote volumes, the account specified for the FileMaker Server user account must also have full permissions to access these remote folders.

  • Bonjour installation:

    • Windows: Bonjour is optional. If Bonjour is not installed, the server cannot be displayed to FileMaker Pro users in the Hosts dialog box and to FileMaker Go users in the Launch Center.

    • macOS: If Bonjour is not installed and enabled, then you cannot install FileMaker Server.

  • Windows: Do not uninstall the following while FileMaker Server is installed:

    • IIS URL Rewrite Module

    • Microsoft Application Request Routing

    • Microsoft External Cache for IIS

    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package (x64)

      Note  Starting with version 19.2.1, FileMaker Server no longer installs or requires Microsoft Visual C++.