Opening files using a URL

You can open a shared or local file or run a script in a file using a URL. When FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go is installed, the following URL schemes are registered with the operating system so that URLs using these schemes are handled by FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go:

  • fmp – The last installed version of the application handles URLs with this scheme.

  • fmpXX, where XX is the major version number of the application – Only the specified version of the application handles URLs with this scheme.

The complete format of the URL is shown below. Optional parameters are indicated by braces ({ }). Line breaks and indention are added for legibility.

  • account:password is the account name and password of the file.

  • address is

    • the DNS name or IP address of the host

    • ~ to specify the user’s Documents folder

    • $ to specify that the file is already open

  • filename is the name of the FileMaker Pro file. Filenames are case sensitive for FileMaker Go but not for FileMaker Pro. The filename extension .fmp12 is not required.

  • scriptname specifies the name of a script to run. Script names are not case sensitive.

  • scriptparameter passes a script parameter to scriptname. See Get(ScriptParameter) function.

  • v19.1.3: optionvalue specifies how a running script is handled when scriptname is run. See Options for handling the current script when starting new scripts.

  • variablename, repetitionnumber, and value specify a local variable, its repetition number, and its value when scriptname is run. You can use the & symbol to append multiple local variables to the URL. See Using variables.

To open a file using a URL:

  1. Launch a web browser on the intended client machine.

  2. Enter the URL of the file into the browser’s address area using the first part of the URL format above.


To run a script in a file using a URL:

  1. Follow the steps above.

  2. Append ?script=scriptname to the URL.

    You can also append additional URL parameters shown above.


  • To allow a URL to run a FileMaker script, the user’s account must have the fmurlscript extended privilege enabled. See Editing extended privileges for a privilege set.

  • If spaces, slashes (/), or any other special characters are needed in a URL, be sure to replace them with the appropriate percent-encoded values required for valid URLs. For example, replace a space with %20 or a slash with %2F, or use the GetAsURLEncoded function.



Open a file named Clients.fmp12 on a host and run the script named ListClients:


Open a file named Clients.fmp12 on a host and run a script named ListClients after resuming a paused script (option 3), specifying a script parameter of TopClients and a local variable $NumberToList with a value of 10:


Open a local file named Clients.fmp12 in the user’s Documents folder with a script named ListClients:


Run the script ListClients from an open file named Clients.fmp12:


In a calculation, create a URL to open a file named Clients.fmp12 on a host and run the script named ListClients, specifying a script parameter that is percent-encoded:

"fmp://" & GetAsURLEncoded ( "a/b" )