Importing custom functions

Note  This feature is available when the Use advanced tools general preference is selected. See Using advanced tools.

When you import a custom function, FileMaker Pro automatically resolves dependencies when custom functions call other custom functions.

To import custom functions:

  1. Open the file in which you want to import the custom functions.
  2. Choose File menu > Manage > Custom Functions.
  3. In the Manage Custom Functions dialog box, click Import.
  4. Open the file that contains the custom functions you want to import.
  5. Enter an account name and password if asked, then click OK.

    See Opening files protected with passwords.

  6. In the Import Custom Functions dialog box, select the custom functions you want to import, then click OK.
  7. To view the import log file, click Open Log File.

    The custom function you imported appears at the bottom of the log file. If FileMaker Pro determines this function is invalid in the context of the target file (for example, a dependent function, field, or calculation is missing from the target file or the function contains an invalid field type reference), the imported function is enclosed in comment characters (/*<function_definition>*/). See Custom function dependency rules.


  • If you cancel an import in progress before it completes, any functions imported before you cancel must be manually removed from the target file.