Specify Envelope Contents (New Layout/Report assistant)

In this panel of the New Layout/Report assistant, you place the fields and text that you want to print on each envelope.


Do this

Place fields on the envelope

In Available fields, double-click each field you want, in the order you want them to appear.

To choose a field from another table, first choose the table from the list of tables, and then place the field. You can also create a new field or table by choosing Manage Database from the list of tables.

Move a field to a new line

In Envelope contents, click to place the insertion point before the field you want to move (before the angle bracket delimiters <<). Then press Enter or Return.

Place text or punctuation between fields

In Envelope contents, click where you want the text or punctuation, then type what you want.

Remove a field from the envelope

In Envelope contents, select the field name and the delimiters (<< and >>), then press Backspace or Delete.

Important  FileMaker Pro formats fields on an Envelope layout as merge fields. Merge fields are enclosed by double angle bracket delimiters (<< and >>). Make sure to select these brackets along with the field name if you move or delete a field name on the layout. Don't insert punctuation or other text inside the brackets unless it's part of the field name.


  • You can't enter or edit data using merge fields; use another layout for that purpose.