Downloading FileMaker software (FileMaker Cloud)

For FileMaker Cloud licensed users and team managers, the Home page includes a link to the Subscription > Downloads tab, where you can download FileMaker Pro and Claris FileMaker Go®. Use this software to work with custom apps hosted by FileMaker Cloud.

Note  If you don’t see the Downloads tab or can’t download the software, contact a team manager.

Downloading and installing FileMaker Pro

Download FileMaker Pro on a macOS or Windows machine. Before installing FileMaker Pro, you must download the license certificate.

  1. On the Home page, click either Download now or Download FileMaker Pro.
  2. On the Subscription > Downloads tab, for Download License Certificate, click Download.
  3. Keep your license certificate file in a safe place in case you need to reinstall the software.
  4. For Download FileMaker Pro, click the version you need.
  5. After the software has been downloaded, open FileMaker Pro.
  6. Choose the license certificate (not Use Trial), then follow the onscreen instructions for installing the software.
    • Windows: You may be asked to provide administrator login credentials for your computer.
    • If you’re using FileMaker Pro for the first time after converting from the trial license, in the FileMaker Pro License dialog box, click Enter License. Then click Browse and choose the downloaded license certificate file. See Converting the FileMaker Cloud trial (FileMaker Cloud) .

Downloading FileMaker Go

Download FileMaker Go on an iOS or iPadOS device.

  1. On the Home page, click either Download now or Download FileMaker Go.
  2. On the Subscription > Downloads tab, for FileMaker Go, click App Store button.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions for downloading the software.