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Script steps reference (alphabetical list)


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A, B, C

Add Account

Adjust Window

Allow Formatting Bar

Allow User Abort

Arrange All Windows

AVPlayer Play

AVPlayer Set Options

AVPlayer Set Playback State


Change Password

Check Found Set

Check Record

Check Selection


Close Data File

Close File

Close Popover

Close Window

Commit Records/Requests

Configure Local Notification

Configure Region Monitor Script

Constrain Found Set

Convert File


Copy All Records/Requests

Copy Record/Request

Correct Word

Create Data File



Delete Account

Delete All Records

Delete File

Delete Portal Row

Delete Record/Request

Dial Phone

Duplicate Record/Request


Edit User Dictionary


Else If

Enable Account

Enable Touch Keyboard

End If

End Loop

Enter Browse Mode

Enter Find Mode

Enter Preview Mode

Execute SQL

Exit Application

Exit Loop If

Exit Script

Export Field Contents

Export Records

Extend Found Set


Find Matching Records

Flush Cache to Disk

Freeze Window


Get Data File Position

Get File Exists

Get File Size

Get Folder Path

Go to Field

Go to Layout

Go to Next Field

Go to Object

Go to Portal Row

Go to Previous Field

Go to Record/Request/Page

Go to Related Record

H, I, J, K

Halt Script


Import Records

Insert Audio/Video

Insert Calculated Result

Insert Current Date

Insert Current Time

Insert Current User Name

Insert File

Insert From Device

Insert From Index

Insert From Last Visited

Insert From URL

Insert PDF

Insert Picture

Insert Text

Install Menu Set

Install OnTimer Script

Install Plug-In File

L, M, N


Modify Last Find

Move/Resize Window

New File

New Record/Request

New Window


Omit Multiple Records

Omit Record

Open Data File

Open Edit Saved Finds

Open Favorites

Open File

Open File Options

Open Find/Replace

Open Help

Open Hosts

Open Manage Containers

Open Manage Data Sources

Open Manage Database

Open Manage Layouts

Open Manage Themes

Open Manage Value Lists

Open Preferences

Open Record/Request

Open Script Workspace

Open Sharing

Open Upload To Host

Open URL



Pause/Resume Script

Perform AppleScript (macOS)

Perform Find

Perform Find/Replace

Perform Quick Find

Perform Script

Perform Script On Server


Print Setup

Q, R

Read from Data File

Recover File

Refresh Object

Refresh Portal

Refresh Window


Relookup Field Contents

Rename File

Replace Field Contents

Reset Account Password

Revert Record/Request

S, T

Save a Copy as

Save a Copy as XML

Save Records As Excel

Save Records As PDF

Save Records As Snapshot Link

Scroll Window

Select All

Select Dictionaries

Select Window

Send DDE Execute (Windows)

Send Event

Send Mail

Set Data File Position

Set Error Capture

Set Error Logging

Set Field

Set Field By Name

Set Layout Object Animation

Set Multi-User

Set Next Serial Value

Set Selection

Set Use System Formats

Set Variable

Set Web Viewer

Set Window Title

Set Zoom Level

Show All Records

Show Custom Dialog

Show Omitted Only

Show/Hide Menubar

Show/Hide Text Ruler

Show/Hide Toolbars

Sort Records

Sort Records by Field

Speak (macOS)

Spelling Options

Truncate Table

U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Unsort Records

View As

Write to Data File