Working with the relationships graph
Use the relationships graph to create, change, and view the relationships in your database file.
By default, the relationships graph displays all of the tables in your current database file. You can add tables from other files (including external ODBC data sources), add more than one occurrence of the same table to the graph, or remove tables from the graph using the buttons described below.
You can use the undo and redo keyboard shortcuts to incrementally remove or replace changes in the relationships graph. To undo changes, press Ctrl+Z (Windows) or Command-Z (OS X). To redo changes, press Ctrl+Shift+Z (Windows) or Command-Shift-Z (OS X).
To access the relationships graph:
With the database open, choose File menu > Manage > Database.
The relationships graph appears.
Relationships graph showing related tables and a text note
Relationships graph buttons
Add table button
Add relationship button
Duplicate table button
Edit button
Delete button
Align vertical button
Align horizontal button
Distribute objects button
Resize button
Color palette button
Select object button
Add text note button
Magnification cursor button
Reduction cursor button
Reduce magnification of the relationships graph button
Select related tables button
Select related tables 1-away or select tables with the same source table
Reduce or increase view button
Show page breaks button
Show Print Setup or Page Setup dialog box button
Other relationships graph elements
Displays source table and source file names
Displays the names of the source table and source file as you move the pointer over the table header
Toggles table display
Toggle text note display
Match field is available to many records
Match field can match a single record
Relational operator indicator
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