Previewing and printing information
With FileMaker Pro, you can print:
all the records in the database, a subset of the records, or only the current record
definitions of scripts, tables, fields, and relationships to see the structure of your database
FileMaker Pro prints records using the current layout. You can create layouts to print the same data in different ways. For example, you can print records one by one, in a columnar list, or in a complex sorted report with totals, headers, and footers. You can also create layouts for mailing labels or envelopes.
The New Layout/Report assistant (in Layout mode) makes it easy to create such layouts and reports. See Creating a layout.
You can control page margins, remove blank space, and keep specified objects from printing. See Controlling how layouts print.
Important  Printer and print setup options depend on the printer and system software you’re using. Refer to your printer and system documentation for more information.
Topics in this section
Specifying a default printer and paper options (Windows)
Specifying printer and paper options (OS X)
Previewing data on a layout
Printing records
Printing scripts
Printing table and field information
Printing the relationships graph
Printing labels
Printing envelopes
Printing troubleshooting