Printing envelopes
To print data on an envelope, create an Envelope layout. An envelope layout contains the fields you select, arranged to print on an envelope.
An envelope layout uses merge fields, which expand or contract to fit the data in the field, and use no space if the field is empty.
To create an Envelope layout:
In Layout mode, click New Layout/Report.
The New Layout/Report assistant appears. For onscreen help as you work in the assistant, press F1 (Windows) or Command-? (OS X).
For Show records from, choose the table that contains the records you want to use for your envelope. For Layout Name, type a name for the layout.
Choose Printer, then choose Envelopes. Click Continue.
Click Finish.
Considerations when you print envelopes
Because FileMaker Pro considers the selected printer and print or page setup information when it calculates margins and other measurements on the layout, you must verify these settings before you create an Envelope layout.
Choose File menu > Print Setup (Windows) or Page Setup (OS X).
In Preview mode, you can also click Print Setup (Windows) or Page Setup (OS X) in the status toolbar.
If you feed the envelopes into the printer short-side first, choose a landscape (horizontal) paper orientation.
Click OK.
After you create the layout, you might need to adjust the layout depending on the way you insert envelopes into your printer.
Note  FileMaker Pro uses merge fields when you create an Envelope layout. You can't enter or edit data using merge fields; switch to Browse mode or use another layout for that purpose.
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