Adding shadows and padding to layout objects
Use the Advanced Graphic area of the Inspector to further enhance the appearance of objects — including fields, buttons, popover buttons, popovers, tab controls, slide controls, and portals — on a layout. You can add or change:
Not all options in the Advanced Graphic area are available for all object types. For example, you can apply outer shadows but not inner shadows to tab controls, and you can’t specify padding for objects such as rectangles and ovals.
Note  You can further change the appearance of objects using the Graphic area of the Inspector. See Setting the fill, line style, and borders for objects, layout parts, and the layout background.
To add or change object appearance:
In Layout mode, select one or more objects.
See Selecting objects.
Click Inspector Inspector button in the layout bar, then click Appearance.
Advanced Graphic area of the Inspector
The options you choose affect the appearance of the selected objects in all modes.
Horizontal Offset or Vertical Offset, or both
To change the amount of padding between the object’s edge and its contents, for Padding, specify values (in points) for Left, Right, Top, and Bottom.
For example, to add more padding between the bottom border of a button the button’s label, increase the value for Bottom.
Changing the padding of popovers or slide controls differs from other objects:
To create a custom color, choose Other Color in a color palette, then click the color to use.
To change the value of the fill color, move the Opacity slider in the color palette.
You can display attributes that are specific to the state of the object when it is viewed in Browse mode. For example, you can set a darker shadow when a user pauses the mouse pointer over a field to draw attention to the field. See Specifying the display state for an object.
To determine the RGB value of a color, in Layout mode, click the Fill color palette in the formatting bar and choose Other Color. In OS X, select the Color Sliders tab. Values are shown for each of the basic colors.
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