Changing a slide control
You can add, remove, and reorder slide panels in a slide control. You can also include dots on a slide panel to help you move through the panels.
To change a slide control:
In Layout mode, double-click the slide control.
Or, select the slide control and choose Format menu > Slide Control Setup.
The Slide Control Setup dialog box appears.
Any object on the slide panel are also removed.
Select Enable swipe gestures.
Select Show navigation dots.
Select Show navigation dots, then type or choose a value.
Select Show navigation dots, then drag the slide panel to the left-most position.
To add objects to a slide panel, use the layout tools in the status toolbar, choose from the Insert menu, or drag objects onto the tab panel.
For more information about adding fields and other objects, see Placing and removing fields on a layout and Drawing and inserting objects on a layout.
Use the Inspector to change the appearance of a slide control (for example, to make the corners rounded). See Formatting panel controls.
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