Copying, duplicating, and deleting panel controls
You can copy, duplicate, or delete tab controls and slide controls and all the objects on them.
Note  If you select and copy locked objects (panel controls or the objects placed on them), the copied objects are unlocked when pasted. For more on selecting objects on a layout, see Selecting objects.
To copy, paste, duplicate, or delete a panel control:
In Layout mode, select the tab control or slide control.
Choose Edit menu > Copy (or Cut). Click with the arrow pointer where you want the tab control or slide control centered, then choose Edit menu > Paste Layout Object(s) (Windows) or Edit menu > Paste (OS X).
Choose Edit menu > Duplicate.
Choose Edit menu > Clear.
Note  Any tab control you cut or copy stays on the Clipboard until the next time you choose Cut or Copy (in FileMaker Pro or another application), or restart or turn off your computer.