Pie charts
To get started creating a chart, see Creating quick charts for Creating and editing charts in Layout mode.
To set up a pie chart:
If you are charting delimited data stored in a single record or data from related records, you must specify data source settings. See Specifying the data source for a chart.
For Category Labels, click Specify button, choose Specify Field Name or Specify Calculation, complete the dialog box, and click OK. This is the data you are comparing (for example, company names) and determines the labels for each slice of the pie.
For Slice Data, click Specify button to specify a data series. This is the data you are measuring (for example, annual sales), which determines the width of each slice in the pie.
If you’re creating a quick chart and it contains summary data, you can click the Summary menu in the Chart inspector and select a different summary type. See Summary types for charts.
Select Show Legend to display a legend in the chart.
Tip  It’s not necessary to label all data points on a chart.
Select Show values on chart.
Select Percentages.
Enter a number for Fixed number of decimals.
Select Actual values.
For Data Type, choose a field type, then choose data format characteristics. For example, you can display number data as a decimal, percentage, or as currency.
You must enter a positive number for Fixed number of decimals.
For Format, choose a value.
For Decimal, enter a character or select Use thousands separator and enter a character.
For Notation, choose a position for the notation and enter a custom character.
Click Print or Save as Layout (quick charts) or Done (Layout mode charts) to finish the chart. See Creating quick charts or Creating and editing charts in Layout mode.
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