Changing the look of a chart
You can use the Styles area in the Chart inspector to change the way a chart displays.
In the Chart Setup dialog box, click Styles in the Chart inspector.
Tip  You can double-click an existing chart in Layout mode to open the Chart Setup dialog box.
Choose a coordinated color theme for data points. If you choose Single color, choose a color for all data series in the chart.
Choose a fill style and color for the background or choose Transparent for no fill. If you choose a gradient style, choose the colors you want to blend in the background.
Bubble Opacity
(Bubble charts only)
Select Show major gridlines or Show minor gridlines and choose a color for the lines.
If you chose Show legend in the Chart area of the Chart inspector, you can change the following:
Top, Bottom, Left, or Right to position the legend.
Note  Axis label settings don’t apply to pie charts.
Click Print or Save as Layout (quick charts) or Done (Layout mode charts) to finish the chart. See Creating quick charts or Creating and editing charts in Layout mode.