Publishing databases with FileMaker WebDirect
With FileMaker Pro, you can design layouts to share with users in FileMaker WebDirect, allowing them to find, browse, and modify data in a web browser.
Use accounts and privilege sets to control the security of your solution. See Protecting databases.
FileMaker WebDirect is available to databases hosted by FileMaker Server, which includes all the software you need to publish layouts from your database as web pages within a local network or intranet. With an Internet connection (typically provided through an Internet Service Provider) and an IP address, you can publish to Internet users on the World Wide Web.
To publish databases on the web:
Choose File menu > Sharing > Configure for FileMaker WebDirect to open the FileMaker WebDirect Settings dialog box.
Click OK or choose additional settings.
Tip  Select Don’t display in FileMaker WebDirect homepage in the FileMaker WebDirect Settings dialog box to suppress a filename from appearing in the built-in FileMaker WebDirect Database Homepage. This is useful if your solution includes multiple files and you don’t want all the filenames displayed.