Uploading files to FileMaker Server
Use FileMaker Pro to transfer database files to FileMaker Server. If a database uses container fields that store data externally, FileMaker Pro also uploads the externally stored data.
Note  Before you can upload files, you must have the account name and password for the server administrator or for a group administrator that has the privilege to perform actions on databases. See FileMaker Server Help for more information.
To upload files to FileMaker Server:
Choose File menu > Sharing > Upload to FileMaker Server.
The Upload to FileMaker Server dialog box appears.
For Hosts, choose the type of host you want displayed in the list.
For information about adding favorite hosts or specifying an LDAP server, see Opening shared files as a client.
Or, for Host Address, type the host’s domain name (as host.domain.com) or IP address.
You can use the name and password for either the server administrator or a group administrator.
FileMaker Server hosts database files in a default folder (MainDB) and two optional additional folders (Additional_1 and Additional_2). If you are a server administrator, you can see all folders. If you are a group administrator, you can see only the folders that your account allows you to see.
Click Change. In the Change Folder dialog box, select a different folder, then click OK.
Click Change. In the Change Folder dialog box, select a folder in which you want to create a new folder. Click New Folder, enter the name, then click OK.
For more information on folder locations and administrator accounts, see FileMaker Server Help.
Click Browse and select all the files that you want to add to the upload list.
For each file, look in the Status column. If FileMaker Pro detects a problem with a file, it updates the status for that file and clears the checkbox. Confirm that all the files you want to upload are selected.
Click Upload.
When the upload completes, FileMaker Pro updates the status for each file to indicate whether the upload was successful.
To open an uploaded file in FileMaker Pro, select Open file from FileMaker Server for the file. Then click Done.
FileMaker Pro opens each selected file. The filename and the server name appear in the window’s title bar.
passes a consistency check, if the file is unencrypted
If the consistency check takes more than a few seconds for a file, a progress indicator appears. You can cancel the consistency check if it takes too long and upload the file anyway.
If FileMaker Pro finds a problem with one or more files, a message appears in the Status column.
You can upload encrypted database files, but FileMaker Pro does not check them for consistency, and FileMaker Server cannot open them automatically after they are uploaded. An encrypted file must be opened by a server administrator or a group administrator with the privilege to perform actions on databases.
If you select Automatically open databases (on server) after upload, FileMaker Server checks whether the file has some form of sharing enabled. If no sharing is enabled, FileMaker Server automatically enables sharing via FileMaker Network (extended privilege fmapp) for the Full Access privilege set.
See FileMaker Server Help for more information.
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