Using the predefined privilege sets
Every new FileMaker Pro database contains three predefined privilege sets. They are:
Full Access: permits accessing and changing everything in the file
Data Entry Only: permits viewing and entering of data only
Read-Only Access: permits viewing but not changing data
Note  The Read-Only Access privilege set permits write access to all global fields. To create a privilege set in which global fields and all record data are view-only, you can duplicate the Read-Only Access privilege set and change Records from Custom privileges to View only in all tables.
You cannot change or delete these predefined privilege sets, except to enable or disable extended privileges for them. You can either use them as is, or duplicate them and then modify the duplicate copies.
The following table summarizes the properties of these privilege sets. For more information about these properties, see Editing record access privileges, Editing layouts privileges, Editing value list privileges, Editing scripts privileges, Editing extended privileges for a privilege set, and Editing other privileges.
Note  The Full Access privilege set is the only one that permits access to the Manage Database dialog box in order to modify fields, tables, relationships, and data sources. It is also the only privilege set that permits changing accounts and privileges. Because you cannot enable these privileges in any other privilege set, any user that wants to make database definition changes or privileges changes must open the file with an account that is assigned the Full Access privilege set.
At least one active, FileMaker-authenticated account in each file must be assigned the Full Access privilege set. An error message will appear if you edit accounts so that no active account is assigned the Full Access privilege set.