Returns the standard deviation of the sample represented by a series of non-blank values in field.
field - any related field, repeating field, or set of non-repeating fields; or an expression that returns a field, repeating field, or set of non-repeating fields.
Parameters in curly braces { } are optional.
Data type returned 
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier
Field can be any of the following:
a repeating field (repeatingField).
a field in matching related records specified by (table::field), whether or not these records appear in a portal.
corresponding repetitions of repeating fields in a record (repeatingField1;repeatingField2;repeatingField3), if the result is returned in a repeating field with at least the same number of repeats.
several fields in the first matching record specified by (table 1::field A, table 2::field B,...). You can name a different table for each field (table 1::field A;table 2::field B...).
A portal displays the related values 5, 6, 7, and 8 in a field called Scores. StDev(table::Scores) returns 1.29099444....
In the following examples:
StDev(Field4) results in an error because standard deviation of a single number is not defined.
StDev(Field1;Field2;Field3) returns 2.64575131..., 3.05505046..., 2.12132034..., 2.82842712... for a repeating field.
Note  When a referenced field is a repeating field, the StDev function returns the standard deviation in the first repetition fields, then the standard deviation in the second repetition fields, and so on.
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