Opening multiple windows per file
You can open more than one window per file. This allows you to view the same layout in separate windows, or to simultaneously view different layouts in the same file. You can perform sort operations and find operations independently in the different windows.
To open an additional window:
Choose Window menu > New Window.
The window displays the same layout, sort order, and found set as the previously active window. To view a different layout in the new window, choose a layout from the Layout pop-up menu. For information on sorting and finding records, see Finding, sorting, and replacing data.
The following table describes the behavior of some FileMaker Pro actions when there are multiple windows open.
Note  When you switch within a window between layouts that display records from the same table, FileMaker Pro maintains the same found set. (For a particular window, every layout that displays records from the same table shares the same found set.)
Note  FileMaker Pro only retains the window state for locally opened files. It does not retain the window state when a shared file opened by a client is closed.
If a layout contains a web viewer, and the same layout is open in multiple windows, you can navigate each web viewer to a new location after its initial web address is loaded. However, if the web address is a field-based calculation, when the field value changes, the web address is re-evaluated and the new web address is loaded.
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