Preserving user dictionary information
During conversion, the reference to a user dictionary is handled differently depending on whether you are using the default user dictionary or a custom user dictionary.
Default user dictionary: When you convert a database file that uses the default user dictionary (user.upr), the converted file points to the FileMaker Pro 13 user.upr file. Therefore, you should export information from your user.upr file to the latest FileMaker Pro user.upr file before using the converted database. See Editing user dictionaries.
Custom user dictionary: When you convert a database file that references a custom dictionary file, the converted file continues to look for the dictionary in its previous location. If you move or delete the dictionary from that location, the converted file will no longer have access to information in the custom dictionary. This could happen accidentally if the original custom dictionary file is located in the previous FileMaker Pro folder and you later uninstall the previous version of FileMaker Pro.
Tip  To preserve a custom user dictionary, move the dictionary file to your Documents folder (Windows), or your home folder (OS X). Then, after converting a database file, specify that it use the dictionary file in the new location.
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