Options for sorting records
Use the following options in the Sort Records dialog box to sort records in a particular order. See Sorting records.
Choose Current Layout (LayoutName) from the tables list, then double-click a field in the list.
Choose Current Table (TableName) from the tables list, then double-click a field in the list.
Ascending order is first to last character in the alphabet for text, lowest to highest for numbers, and earliest to latest for dates and times. Descending order is last to first character in the alphabet for text, highest to lowest for numbers, and latest to earliest for dates and times.
Change the sort order of a field in the Sort Order list (for example, ascending or descending order)
In the Sort Order list, select a field, then select a sort order for that field.
Sort in a custom order, according to the order of values in a value list (for example, in the order months are arranged)
In the fields list, select a field, select Custom order based on value list, then choose or define a value list. (See information about defining a list of values for data entry.)
In the Sort Order list, click the double-arrow (to the left of the field name) and drag the field to a new position.
Include related fields anywhere in the sort order
Choose a table from the table list, then double-click a related field in the list.
You can place a related field anywhere in the Sort Order list — before, after, or between non-related fields.
If your access privileges allow, specify a sort order in the Edit Relationship dialog box. See Working with related tables and files.
In the Sort Order list, double-click the field.
Click Clear All.
Click Unsort or, in Browse mode, choose Records menu > Unsort.
Select Override field's language for sort, then choose a language. To change the field's default language for sorting, see Defining field indexing options.
Select Keep records in sorted order. When this checkbox is deselected, new or changed records stay in the same position in the sort order until you perform a find or sort the records by different criteria.
Click Cancel.
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