Specifying paragraph attributes and tab settings
In Browse mode, you can format individual paragraphs (including setting tabs) for text in a field. In Layout mode, you can specify paragraph attributes for fields that hold text and for text that's not in a field.
Note  In both Browse mode and Layout mode, you can use the Format menu to set paragraph and tab settings. In Layout mode, you can also use the Inspector and specify the settings in the Paragraph and Tabs areas of the Appearance tab.
To specify paragraph attributes and tab settings:
For more information, see Selecting text.
Note  The formatting you specify in Browse mode will be stored with the data, and you will see it in any layout that displays the field. For more information, see Formatting text.
Choose Format menu > Line Spacing > Other.
For Alignment, select an option.
For Indent, type a value for Left, Right, and First.
For Line Spacing, type a value for Height, Above, and Below and choose a unit of measure. The lines unit of measure varies with the font you use and is slightly more than the font height.
Select Left, Center, or Right, type a value for Position to set where the text will align, and then click New.
Select Align on and type a character for the text to align to (for example, a “.”), type a value for Position to set where the text will align to that character, then click New.
For Fill Character, type a character (for example, for a phone listing, you can fill the area between the name and the telephone number with periods).
To change paragraph indents and tabs using the rulers:
In Browse mode, choose View menu > Ruler. In Layout mode, choose View menu > Rulers.
In the horizontal ruler, you see the paragraph settings for the current selection. In Browse mode, you see the current field’s settings. In Layout mode, you see the settings of the selected text.
Text ruler and its margin markers and indent markers
To change text alignment in paragraphs:
With the field or text selected, in the formatting bar, click one of the following buttons to change alignment:
Align Left Align left button, Align Center Align center button, Align Right Align right button, or Align Full Align full button.
You can specify vertical text alignment for text and fields. In Layout mode, choose Format menu > Align Text, then choose Top, Center, or Bottom.
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