Setting up a field to auto-complete during data entry
You can set up a field to use auto-complete (type ahead) to help users quickly enter values in Browse mode or Find mode. FileMaker makes suggestions based on what the user has previously entered into the field, or based on values in a value list.
You can use auto-complete on text fields displayed as:
Note  To set up fields to automatically enter information when a record is created or modified, see Defining automatic data entry.
To set up a field to auto-complete during data entry:
In Layout mode, select the field.
Click Inspector Inspector button in the layout bar, then click Data.
In the Field area, choose Edit box, Drop-down list, or Drop-down calendar from the Control Style drop-down list. For more information, see Setting up a field to display a pop-up menu, checkbox set, or other control or Setting up a field to display a drop-down calendar.
Tip  To prevent suggestions from displaying in a list, choose Drop-down list, then select Include arrow to show and hide list. Only the best match appears in the field.
Edit box or Drop-down Calendar
Auto-complete is not supported in drop-down lists when the value list used is configured to use Also display values from second field, Show values only from second field, or Sort by second field. For more information, see Defining value lists.