Saving a layout theme
If you have changed style attributes on a layout, you can save your changes to a theme. Saving at the theme level allows you to apply the theme and all its styles to another layout, or import the theme and all its styles into another file. When you save a theme, you can either save changes to the theme you modified (which can be a predefined FileMaker Pro theme) or create a new theme.
To save a theme:
Click Inspector Inspector button in the layout bar, then click Appearance.
A asterisk (*) appears after the theme name and the arrow turns red, indicating the theme definition has changed.
For Theme, click Unsaved theme button and do one of the following:
Save Changes to Theme. Changes are applied to all layouts in the file that use this theme. (See How FileMaker Pro displays formatting attributes.)
Save as New Theme, then type a new name, and click OK.
Rename Theme, then type a new name, and click OK.
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