Filling objects, layout parts, or the layout background with a color gradient
A color gradient blends two or more colors in an object, layout part, or across the layout background.
To fill an object, a layout part, or the layout background with a color gradient:
In Layout mode, select one or more objects, a part label, or click anywhere in the layout background to select it.
See Selecting objects.
Note  To select the layout background, ensure no objects or parts are selected.
Click Inspector Inspector button in the layout bar, then click Appearance.
See Specifying the display state for an object.
In the Graphic area, for Fill, choose Gradient.
Note  To display the layout background, one or more layout parts must be transparent. See Setting the fill, line style, and borders for objects, layout parts, and the layout background.
You see the gradient control.
Gradient control
Note  The center point of a radial gradient on a layout part is controlled by the current theme. You can apply a radial setting by copying and pasting the setting from another object or layout part. See Copying formatting attributes between layout objects, parts, or backgrounds.
For Angle, enter a value.
Radial color gradient and gradient control shown on selected object
Note  If you drag the gradient control off the layout, it disappears. To restore the gradient control:
Choose Edit menu > Undo.