Defining a custom web address
FileMaker Pro includes web viewer templates that define web addresses for several websites. However, you can create a custom web address for any website you want to display in a web viewer.
The web address for a web viewer is a calculated expression, similar to a formula specified by a calculation field. To create a custom web address, you create a formula that can consist of constants, field names, functions, and operators. FileMaker Pro evaluates the expression to construct a URL, which the web viewer uses to display a web page.
To define a custom web address for a web viewer:
In Layout mode, add a web viewer, or select a web viewer that is already on the layout and choose Format menu > Web Viewer Setup.
For more information, see Adding a web viewer.
The Web Viewer Setup dialog box appears.
If a website template was previously selected, its web address remains in the Web Address box, but the website parameter boxes disappear.
Click Specify next to the Web Address box.
The Specify Calculation dialog box appears.
For more information on formulas, see Working with formulas and functions.
Click OK to close the Specify Calculation dialog box.
To see example web addresses, click any of the websites in the Choose a Website list. If one of the addresses is similar to the custom web address you want to create, you can edit the example.
follows the format: <scheme>://<username>:<password>@<hostname>:<port>/<path>/<filename><parameter>
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