Changing a web address
You can change the web address used by a web viewer.
To change the web address of a web viewer:
In Layout mode, double-click the web viewer.
Or, select a web viewer and choose Format menu > Web Viewer Setup.
The Web Viewer Setup dialog box appears.
In the Choose a Website list, select a new website. Specify the website parameters you want to use as described in Adding a web viewer.
Click Arrow button next to the website parameter you want to change or add and choose Specify Field. Then select a database field and click OK. Or, you can type directly in the website parameter box.
Click Specify next to the Web Address box and change the calculation as described in Defining a custom web address.
Select Automatically encode URL to allow FileMaker Pro to apply encoding rules to the URL, if necessary, so that it complies with a browser’s required format. To keep the URL in the format in which it is entered, deselect this checkbox. (For more information about URL encoding, see About URL encoding in web viewers.)
Note  Some website parameters may be marked Required or Optional. If you do not specify a Required parameter, the website might not provide the information you expect.