Working with web viewers on layouts
Use web viewers to display web pages directly in a FileMaker Pro layout. Web viewers are layout objects that allow you to display information from websites based on data in your database. For example, a web viewer can calculate a URL for a map website based on information in your database table’s address and city fields. As you browse each record in your table, the web viewer displays a map of the location specified in the current record.
To make it easier for you to create web viewers, FileMaker Pro includes templates for several data-driven websites. When you use one of these templates, you only need to specify the parameters used by the website. You can also create a custom web address for any website.
Web viewers use the operating system’s web browser technology, so you can perform many of the same tasks with web viewers that you can with web browsers. You can click links and navigate to pages other than the page the web viewer originally loaded. Web viewers can also display content on websites—such as PDF documents and QuickTime movies—for which you may need to install additional software. You can also control URL encoding.
Web viewers are not meant to replace web browsers. For some websites, you may need to open a separate web browser window.
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