Creating portals to display related records
A portal is a layout object that displays records from related tables. Use a portal only when you want to display data from more than one related record. Portals display data from related fields in rows, one record in each row. For more details on when to use portals, see Deciding where to place related fields.
To create a portal:
In Layout mode, click the Portal tool Portal tool in the status toolbar.
In the Portal Setup dialog box, for Show related records from, choose the related table from which you want to display related records.
You can also choose Manage Database to create a new table or relationship.
Sort portal records, and click Specify. In the Sort dialog box, choose the fields by which to sort the portal records, and click OK.
Filter portal records, and click Specify. In the Specify Calculation dialog box, define a formula for a calculation to filter the portal records, and click OK.
Reset scroll bar when exiting record (or, clear this option so the scroll bar does not reset)
In the Initial row box, type the row number.
For Number of rows, type a number.
Tip  You can drag objects, such as a related field, onto the first row of an existing portal to add it to the portal.
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