Defining repeating fields
You can store more than one value in a text, number, date, time, container, calculation, or global field by making the field a repeating field.
For example, you can create a text field named Color that stores the colors available for each product you sell. If you make Color a repeating field, you can enter all the colors for each product into the Color field.
Note  Instead of using a repeating field, it is often easier to use a related table and a portal to sort or insert data, or create a summary report.
To define a repeating field:
With the database open, choose File menu > Manage > Database.
Note  To set options for fields in Table View, right-click the column heading for the field, choose Field > Field Options from the shortcut menu, then skip to step 6.
Click Options (or double-click the field name).
In the Repeating area, enter a number for Maximum number of repetitions.
If the field is a calculation field, you see the Specify Calculation dialog box instead of the Options for Field dialog box. For Number of repetitions, enter the number of repetitions (up to 32,000).
Click OK to close the Options for Field dialog box, or click another tab to set additional field options.
Use the Data tab of the Inspector to change the number of repetitions displayed on a layout.
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