Displaying and hiding fields in Table View
After you define a field, you can use Layout mode to place the field on any layout (assuming you have access privileges to do so). See Placing and removing fields on a layout. When you are working in Table View, you can display additional fields that are not on the current layout and hide fields that show in Table View.
Note  When you display existing fields that are not on the current layout in Table View, they are not added to the layout so they do not appear in any view other than Table View. Likewise, if you hide fields in Table View, fields are not removed from the layout and are visible when users view the layout in other views.
To display fields in Table View:
In Browse mode, right-click the table column heading, and choose Table View > Modify or click Modify in the status toolbar.
The Modify Table View dialog box appears, listing the fields currently displayed in Table View.
Click Addition symbol to open the Add Fields dialog box, then choose a field to add and click OK. To choose a field in another table, choose the table from the list above the list of fields, then choose a field. To define a new field, choose Manage Database from the list.
Click OK to save changes or click Cancel to discard changes.
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