Deleting records
You can delete single records, a group of records, all the records in a table, or all the records in a database. When you delete a record, you permanently discard the data you entered in all the fields in that record.
Important  You can't undo the action of deleting records. Before you delete anything, consider making a backup copy of your database.
If you’re working in a relational database and the option to delete related records is selected in the Edit Relationship dialog box, FileMaker Pro also deletes related records when you delete a record.
In Browse mode, select the record you want to delete. (If your layout displays related records in a portal, select anything other than a portal row.) In the status toolbar, click Delete Record, then click Delete.
Make sure the found set contains only the records you want to delete. (For more information, see Finding records.) Choose Records menu > Delete Found Records, then click Delete.
In Browse mode, Click Show All, then choose Records menu > Delete All Records.
To use one of the procedures in this topic to delete related records in a portal, Allow deletion of portal records must be selected in the Portal Setup dialog box. For more information, see Creating portals to display related records. The Allow deletion of portal records option does not need to be selected when you use the Delete Portal Row script step to delete related records. See Delete Record/Request.
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