Delete a record

To delete a record, use an HTTP DELETE method with the records API endpoint specifying the database name, layout, and record ID.

HTTP method




version – the FileMaker Data API version requested can use v1, v2, or vLatest

database-name – the name of the hosted database

layout-name – the name of the layout to use as the context for deleting the record

record-id – the record ID of the record to delete

You can run FileMaker scripts as part of this request by including the script.prerequest, script.presort, and script parameters in the URL. See Run FileMaker scripts.

HTTP header

Authorization: Bearer session-token, where session-token is the unique X-FM-Data-Access-Token value for the database session

Parameters None

An empty response body, and a messages array showing an error code of 0.

For example:

    "response": {},

See Error responses.